Storage Services

Why store boxes offsite? It saves time, money and SPACE!

Our Facility is Safe and Secure

Maximize your office space with production and services rather than clunky filing cabinets. Our facility is secure, with restricted access and is temperature controlled. We can store your boxes for you so you no longer need to invest in file cabinets or spend extra time looking through drawers and folders.

We can inventory your records and retrieve files for you. Simply send us an email or call us at (517) 783-2450 whenever a file is needed. Our box tracking system is proven and efficient. When it's time to dispose of your files, we can take care of that for you as well.

Office Space for Meetings
Storage Facility
MDK On-Site Shredding
NAID Certified

Secure and Convenient
We properly handle all your items and keep all your information secure.

Records Management Services