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Big enough to do the job, small enough to care.

We have the ability and expertise to scan many different formats and types of documents and convert them to commonly used file types such as PDF and TIFF.

We can scan in black and white, color, or gray scale. We can scan paper as small as a business card and as large as blueprint drawings 42 inches wide. We can also scan 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm and aperture cards.

Files and Paperwork

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Scan Documents to USB

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Quick & Easy Access

Your files can be text searchable for quick retrieval of information. The files are organized and classified just as you require them to be found quickly and easily on your computer and other devices.

Scan Documents to USB

Why Clients Use Our Services
  • Short on space or time
  • Storage space is mismanaged
  • Difficulty in accessing necessary information
  • Transferring from one site to another
  • Access at the touch of a button
  • Keeping information safely protected

Would you like to learn more?

Scanning will save you time and space, which will save you money. To learn more about our scanning services, please contact Ryan at (517) 783-2450 or send an email to

Microfilm Options

Possibly available upon request. Please contact Ryan at

What is Microfilm Scanning? With the progression of technology, microfilm scanning is becoming more and more important to make sure you don’t lose your important documents that are stored on film! With microfilm scanning we can accommodate 16 mm and 35 mm film (both positive and negative) and aperture cards. These can be converted to PDF, TIFF, or other file types and stored digitally to save you space and lookup time.

Our Story

Merging of Automatic Imaging & Automatic Microfilm with MDK Recycling, LLC

In 1977 David and Sally Urbaniak ran out of storage space for their records related to their restaurant, Sal's 5th Ave in Michigan Center, MI. With a roll of dimes and his father, Dave went to Detroit, pulled out a phone book at a pay phone, and started calling around to buy a camera to microfilm those records. He found a camera and, in a closet under a staircase, with his mother as the first camera operator, Automatic Microfilm was created. Years later with the advent of the computer, Automatic Imaging was established alongside Automatic Microfilm. Over the years, so many customers became like family. With any family, there are times to celebrate and times to mourn. We mourned the loss of Sally in 2015 and David in 2019. Our employees carried the businesses forward during this time.

To continue moving forward in 2020, we have merged Automatic Imaging and Automatic Microfilm with MDK Recycling. David worked with Brian Miotke, owner of MDK Recycling, and appreciated his passion and business ingenuity. It is thus with great pleasure that we announce the merger of these businesses.

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